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Planning policy

Planning policies set the framework under which decisions on planning applications are made. They set out what development can happen, where it can take place and how much there can be.

New Forest has significant areas of nature conservation and landscape importance, so our planning policies also protect the natural environment and heritage.

Local planning policies are set out in a group of documents called the Local Plan and Supporting Documents.

We have just commenced on a review of our local plan.  More information will be published as soon as it becomes available.

Planning policy guidance

If you submit a development proposal you should familiarise yourself with our planning policy guidance, as they might affect your proposals.

Local Development Scheme

The LDS provides information about the Local Plan for the district.

Statement of Community Involvement

The SCI sets out how we consult and involve others in planning matters.

Monitoring Report

Assessing how our planning policies are being implemented.

Brownfield land register

A register for previously developed land that is suitable for housing development.

Housing Delivery Test

Measures to maintain or improve the delivery of housing.

Self-build and custom housebuilding register

Registering demand for plots of land for self-build or custom-build homes.

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