Health and safety for businesses

We work with businesses to ensure that you understand and can comply with health and safety requirements, and that your work activities are carried out safely. Most businesses only need to complete a few simple checks to ensure you are doing what is required.

If your business carries out high risk activities, we will discuss the measures that you have in place to control the risks. We will not normally need to visit you, but can provide targeted health and safety information.

For general guidance on health and safety, visit the Health and Safety Executive website. We also publish information on health and safety for residents.

You can report accidents in a workplace or health and safety issues.
We inspect businesses to ensure health and safety standards are being met.
All public events must comply with the Safety Advisory Group's standards.
The Health Act 2006 protects workers and public from second-hand smoke.
Wet cooling towers and evaporative condensers must be registered with us.
Restrictions on the use of sunbeds in commercial premises.

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