Food safety for businesses

Your Food and Safety Team at New Forest District Council are responsible for the regulation of food safety law in our district and we routinely:

  • inspect food businesses to assess compliance with food law and provide your business with the appropriate food hygiene rating,
  • investigate food related complaints,
  • investigate food related outbreaks of illness and;
  • provide food safety advice to businesses.

We recognise that food business owners may not be able to access the most up to date information and tools relating to food law. The following web page links provide you with the relevant information you may need to ensure you and your business is compliant with food law.

If you need any further support or food safety information, please contact us

Register your new food business and follow legal and safety regulations.
Helpful food safety information and guidance
We routinely inspect businesses that produce, prepare and supply food to the public.
Food business operators are inspected by us to decide their food hygiene rating.
Submit a self-assessment to see if you require a food safety inspection.
Report cases of viral gastroenteritis to us to help prevent an outbreak.
Apply for an Export Health Certificate for food products distributed abroad.
How to make, store and handle ice for your customers hygienically.

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