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We offer a commercial business waste and recycling collection service. This can help your business to save money and reduce its environmental impact.

The cost depends on the type of business and how much waste the business produces.

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Coronavirus changes to business waste collections

We are still providing a weekly business waste collection service. Present your business waste as normal on your collection day.

There are some changes to follow if you or anyone in your business:

  • has confirmed coronavirus
  • has symptoms of coronavirus
  • is treating someone with confirmed or symptoms of coronavirus
  • your business has customers visiting the premises for example, retail and food outlets.

Double-bag personal waste including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

  • Businesses should provide extra bins for staff, to dispose of waste such as used tissues, disposable cleaning material, gloves, face masks, aprons and other items used as PPE, and keep this waste separate from other waste
  • Businesses should provide extra bins for customers, to dispose of waste such as takeaway packaging, single use cutlery and other tableware, used tissues, gloves, face masks, and other items used as PPE, and keep this waste separate from other waste
  • Recycling bins must not be used by staff or customers to dispose of any of the waste items listed above
  • Empty bins for staff and customers regularly to avoid overflow and litter, and put these items in a bag, then in a second bag and tie it securely
  • Keep these bags separate from other waste, and put them into your green business waste sack for collection.

Do not put your sacks out for collection for at least three days.

  • For example, if you have filled/tied a bag on Monday and your collection is on Thursday, you can put that bag out for collection on Thursday morning.
  • If you have filled/tied a bag on Monday and your collection is on Wednesday, store that bag at home until your collection day the following week.

How to request business waste sacks and have containers emptied 

Bulk sack purchase customer

  • You will have already received your annual supply of green business waste sacks for general waste.
  • We are still providing a weekly business waste collection. Present your business waste as normal on your collection day.

Mixed recycling and/or a mixed glass container customer

  • The emptying of these containers has now resumed as normal.

Small business waste customers

Deliveries of business waste sacks and stickers to small businesses have resumed as normal.

How to order sacks and stickers

  • You can order sacks and stickers by calling Customer Services on 0238 028 5000. If you have any special delivery requirements, for example 'use side entrance' please tell us when placing your order.
  • Payment in full will be required at time of ordering. There is a £5 delivery charge for orders under £40 
  • Delivery of sacks and stickers may take up to ten working days.

Definition of business waste

Business waste is everything your business owns, uses or produces that you wish to dispose of. This includes:

  • waste produced while working at private households
  • waste produced by contractors working at your business premises
  • any waste produced from home-based business activities.

Business Rates do not cover the removal of business waste. Find out more about Business Rates.

Every business, no matter how large or small, has a duty of care under Section 34 of the Environment Protection Act 1990 to ensure their waste is collected, treated and disposed of by an authorised waste service provider.

What our service offers

We collect general business waste and recyclable business waste from a range of businesses in the New Forest. Our service is:

  • competitively priced with no admin fees
  • local and reliable
  • flexible with a 'pay as you throw' option and seasonal variations
  • environmentally friendly, with no landfill of general waste.

The service includes collections on bank holidays, excluding Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day.

What we collect


We collect glass bottles and jars of all sizes and colours from businesses for recycling. We also collect mixed recycling material, which includes:

  • paper and cardboard
  • tins, cans and aerosols
  • plastic bottles.

General waste

We collect any non-recyclable business waste not in the list above, including food waste.

We do not collect healthcare waste from nursing or residential homes, surgeries, hospitals or vets. We do have a service collecting household healthcare waste.

How we collect business waste

We offer a weekly, fortnightly or monthly collection of general business waste and recyclable business waste. We collect in plastic sacks or larger containers, depending on the size of your business.

Mixed glass bottles and jars are collected in 1,100, 360 or 240 litre containers.

Mixed recycling material is collected in clear plastic sacks with red printing, or in larger 1,100 litre containers. 

White recycling stickers are used for large amounts of cardboard or cardboard boxes. These should be flattened and tied securely in a bundle, not exceeding 7kg.

General business waste is collected in green plastic sacks

We do not offer larger containers for general business waste. You can put your green business waste sacks into a traditional 80 litre dustbin with a lid, and we will remove them. We cannot collect green business waste sacks from a wheeled bin.

For more information, download our business waste collection guidelines below.

Icon for pdf Business waste collection guidelines 2021-22 [165.21KB]

What to do on collection day

Put your sacks and stickered bundles outside your business premises by 6am on your collection day. If you are a high street business, take care not to obstruct the pavement.

We will not remove any waste that is not presented in the appropriate green or clear sacks, for example waste in black sacks, carrier bags or boxes. We will not remove any glass that is not contained in the glass collection bin.

Missed collection

If your business waste isn't collected, you can contact us to report a missed collection or call customer services 023 8028 5000.


There are various price options, depending on the size and needs of your business. A flexible 'pay as you throw' service is available for smaller traders or those based in seasonal industries.

For more information, download our business waste collection prices document below.

Icon for pdf Business waste collection prices 2021-22 [179.16KB]

How to sign up

You can sign up to our business waste collection service using our online form below.

For a no-obligation quote or more information, email or call customer services on 023 8028 5000.

Purchase business waste sacks and stickers

Sacks for general business waste, and sacks and stickers for recyclable business waste, can all be purchased from our local information offices.

To purchase business waste sacks and stickers, you must be a council business waste customer and have completed a duty of care waste transfer note.

When buying sacks and stickers, quote your unique reference number. This can be found on the duty of care waste transfer note.

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