Strategic Site 1: Land to the north of Totton

Our Local Plan 2016-2036 Part 1: Planning Strategy has allocated this land, known as Strategic Site 1: Land to the north of Totton for residential-led mixed use development and open space consisting of:

  • at least 1,000 homes, dependent on the form, size and mix of housing provided
  • a commercial core west of Pauletts Lane including around 5 hectares of land for business and employment use
  • a community focal point in a prominent location including ground floor premises suitable for community use
  • contributions to educational provision to include two hectares of land to be reserved for a primary school
  • on-site provision of public open space

The area for the allocation can be seen below.  The area of the development parcels are lined in red.

Current development parcels

So far we are have received planning applications for two parcels of land

Parcel 1


References: 19/10703 and 15/11797
Status: Decided

Decision: Granted Subject to Conditions

An outline planning permission for up to 80 dwellings; open space; drainage  (Allowed on appeal) - reference 15/11797.  Details granted for reserved matters for  Access, layout, scale, appearance and landscaping

Parcel 2


Reference: 20/10997
Status: Awaiting decision

An outline permission with all matters reserved except:

  • means of access to the highway network (junction arrangements)
  • associated highway improvements
  • or the demolition of existing buildings
  • the residential (C3) development of the site with up to 280 dwellings
  • Alternative Natural Recreational Greenspace, informal and formal open space, together with associated drainage, utilities and all other associated and necessary infrastructure



The latest updates are below:

January 2022

Parcel 1

  • The electric service lines are still being laid. The work is being carried out by SSE and any queries regarding the works should be directed to them.
  • In Phase 1 Plots 75-80 are at roofline and have their windows and doors in. Plot 74 is at first floor level.
  • In Phase 2 Plots 60 and 61 are at ground floor level. Plots 62-65 have commenced above DPC (damp proof course) level. Plots 66-71 have their floor pads/slabs in. Plots 55-59 and Plots 63- 73 have their slabs in/laid. Plot 54 is having its slab laid. Plot 53 has its foundations in.
  • In Phase 3 Plots 21 and 22 have their foundations in as do Plots 24-27. The water and drainage access points to the houses are being installed in these plots.


December 2021

Parcel 1

  • in Phase 1 Plots 75-80 are at roofline, Plot 74 has its slab laid
  • in Phase 2 Plots 54-73 have their slabs laid
  • in Phase 3 Plots 21 and 22 have their foundations laid and slab construction has commenced, Plots 25-27 have their foundations in and groundworks have commenced for Plot 38
  • the spine road to the northern end of the site is being constructed and mains drainage is in
  • foundations for the Northern spur roads are being dug and mains drainage has commenced construction in Phase 3


November 2021

Parcel 1

  • the protected SANG (Suitable Alternative Natural Green space) and POS areas remain fenced off as required.
  • soil and spoil is being cleared to enable various works
  • the storm drainage construction has commenced through the centre of the site
  • the attenuation units have been installed at the Northern end of the site and surveyors are now marking out the roadways and pathways ready for construction
  • work continues on building plots 60 to 80


October 2021

Parcel 1

  • the protected SANG (Suitable Alternative Natural Green space) and POS areas remain fenced off as required.
  • Southern Water have installed the water service line connecting the main in the road to the site, then the footpath was reinstated, the roadway was backfilled and the temporary tarmac on the road was removed and replaced with permanent tarmac surfacing
  • the foul drainage line is now installed along the Eastern edge of the development and the storm drainage will be completed shortly
  • the entrance to the development and the spine and spur roads in that area are due to be tarmacked soon
  • the kerbstones are currently being laid along the Eastern spur road and along the spine road into the development
  • the mains drainage access points and associated gullies are also being constructed and then the base road layers will be laid
  • the POS (Public Open Space) footpath top dressing has not been laid yet, this may be due to stock lead-in levels
  • work continues on building plots 60 to 80 


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