Clean streets

You can help keep your streets clean by reporting a problem to us, or by supporting your local community with clean-up initiatives.

You can report any illegal anti-social activity spoiling your neighbourhood to us. We investigate all reports and, where evidence is available, we will deal with offenders.

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We have installed over 1,300 public bins to collect different types of litter.
We keep streets, pavements and council land clean. You can report litter to us.
You can report the illegal dumping of any waste onto any land.
You can report posters, banners or signs that have been put up without permission.
You can report graffiti or vandalism affecting council property to us.
You can report dumped vehicles or vehicle parts to us to be removed.
You can report stray dogs or let us know if you have lost your dog.
You can report issues with dog fouling to us.
You can report a dead animal found on a road, public land or beach.
We regularly cut grass and maintain hedges and shrub beds across New Forest.
You can report a damaged, missing or illegible street nameplate.
Find out where our public toilets are and the facilities available.
We offer support for organised litter picking volunteer groups.

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