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Street cleaning

We are responsible for keeping the streets, pavements and council-owned land in New Forest clean and free from litter.

Our aim is to ensure that the district is a pleasant place for all who visit, live and work here.

We work with the New Forest National Park Authority and Forestry England (responsible for Crown land) to help raise awareness of the problems caused by litter.

On this page:

Report a litter problem

If you wish to report a litter problem, use the online form below.

Alternatively, you can make a report by calling customer services on 023 8028 5000 or by email to

You can also report issues with public litter bins and fly-tipping.

Street cleaning in your area

We undertake more frequent mechanical sweeping and cleaning in areas of high footfall, including shopping centres. Other areas receive less frequent cleaning, which is undertaken as required.

We are not responsible for street cleaning on:

  • private or unadopted roads
  • town or parish council land
  • Crown land.

Litter picking in your area

Manual litter picking schedules are undertaken routinely, with the busiest areas being cleaned more frequently.

We are not responsible for litter picking on:

  • private or unadopted roads
  • town or parish council land
  • Crown land.

Help keep your streets clean

You can help us to keep New Forest clean in the following ways:

We can provide support to community groups, clubs and schools who may want to organise voluntary community litter picking activity in their area.

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