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Street nameplates

We are responsible for the provision, management and maintenance of street nameplates.

A street nameplate is a sign which designates the road name. In some cases, it may have additional inscriptions identifying those roads that lead from them.

Report a street nameplate problem

If you wish to report a damaged, missing or illegible street nameplate, you can use the online form below.

You can also make a report by calling customer services on 023 8028 5000 or by email to

What we are not responsible for

We are not responsible for:

  • additional signage on unadopted or private roads
  • replacing privately purchased street nameplates
  • welcoming signs for towns or villages
  • Forestry England signs, including animal warnings.

We as also not responsible for any other road signage or highway maintenance, which are the responsibility of Hampshire County Council. These include:

  • traffic signs
  • street lighting (including council car parks)
  • road lines
  • general road problems.

For issues with road or highway signage, you can report it on the Hampshire County Council website.

New housing developments

With a new housing development, the developer is responsible for arranging the provision of all street nameplates. The cost for all new installations is the responsibility of the developer, which we order to a standard specification and erect on the developer's behalf.

We maintain these nameplates once the street has been adopted.

The information for ordering new street nameplates is provided to developers when new streets are named by our address management team.

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