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Transparency and open government

New Forest District Council believes that as a public funded organisation, all its business operations and outcomes should be transparent. 

As a Local Authority New Forest District Council must comply with The Local Government Transparency Code set out by the Government, which lists categories of information which allow scrutiny of spend and performance, information we feel supports the principles of the code is published below.

Payments to suppliers

Monthly data on individual items of spend over £500 can be viewed on our payments to suppliers page.

Orders to suppliers

Monthly data on individual items of spend over £500 can be viewed on our orders to suppliers page.

Government purchasing cards payments

Payments using government purchasing cards -lists monthly individual items of spend.

Selling to the council

Supplying the council - Information on contracts awarded by the council, forthcoming contract opportunities, and orders to suppliers with a value that exceeds £5,000.

Local authority land

Land and property owned by New Forest District Council is listed in our current and available Council assets page.

Social housing assets 

Data and information about the value of social housing assets.

Grants and funding

Information on awarded grants and funding, over £500.

Trade Union facility time

Representations and spending data for all local authorities are published via the Trade Union Facility Time publication service

Parking account

Accounts, parking information and details of parking spaces can be found on the parking regulations page.

Parking spaces

The number of marked out controlled on and off-street parking spaces can be found on the car parks page.

Senior officers salaries and responsibilities 

Details of senior officer's salaries are outlined in our pay policy , and responsibilities can be found by viewing the Leadership team .


Our Constitution is available to view, the latest version was published in May 2022. 

Pay statement

The New Forest District Council Pay Policy Statement - Financial year 2024-25 sets out New Forest District Council's pay policies relating to its workforce, including the remuneration of its Chief Officers and that of its lowest paid employees. 


We are committed to detecting and preventing Fraud. This page outlines our powers, staffing and spend plus how to report suspected benefit fraud. 

Our performance

Key data and information relating to frontline services can be viewed via Our performance page. 

Access to information

Details of information published as the result of a Freedom of information (FOI) request and guidance on how to make a request for information.

Members allowances and declarations of interest

We publish total amounts paid to individual Members and Member Allowances for the financial year, along with the Parish & Town Council Members' Declarations of Interest

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