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Social housing assets

We publish annually information about our social housing assets, following the local government transparency code.

We are required to publish details annually of the value of social housing stock held in our Housing Revenue Account (HRA) that shows:

  • Valuation data listed at postal sector level 
  • Valuation data showing the Existing Use Value for Social Housing and the market value as at 1 April

Current data sets

Social Housing Data - pdf version (PDF) [307KB]

Social Housing Data - csv version (Excel doc) [13KB]


Explanations and definitions

  • To mitigate the possibility of identifying individual properties, where the valuation band had fewer than 10 occupied properties, that data has been merged with the next lowest valuation band
  • The market value is our estimate of the total sum that we would receive if all dwellings were sold on the open market
  • The existing use value for social housing (EUV-SH) is calculated on the basis of rents receivable on existing tenancies. These are less than the rent that would be obtainable on the open market, and the EUV-SH value is therefore lower than the market value
  • The difference between the two values therefore shows the economic cost of providing housing at less than market value
  • The publication of this information is not intended to suggest that tenancies should end to realise the market value of properties

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