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What we spend and how we spend it

This class provides financial information on projected and actual income and expenditure for the Council. The terms of reference for the Accountancy Service are determined by the Executive Director, Bob Jackson, as the designated statutory responsible financial officer. The Service ensures that Codes of Practice and legislation are incorporated within the Council's financial framework.

Financial information about the council — Council budgets and spending

Financial information about the Council can be found on our Website under Council budgets and spending. This is located under Council and democracy,  and then Council structure and policy and is the Accountancy Homepage.

On the Council Budgets and Spending page you will find information about the role and responsibilities of the Accountancy Service and useful contact details.  You will also find links to the the following financial information:

  • Annual Budgets -  This shows how the Council plans to spend it's funds.  This Revenue and Capital Budget Book contains both budgeted and actual expenditure and is also available for reference at libraries and NFDC Offices.
  • Fees and Charges - The Council publishes its main fees and charges every year.
  • Financial Regulations - The financial regulations are part of the Council's set of rules that cover financial administration, accountancy procedures and control of finances.
  • Portfolio Plans - The Portfolio Plan is a summary document that shows how each Portfolio intends to allocate its funding for the financial year, including how this spending will complement the Council's Corporate Plan.
  • Strategy Documents -. Reports to Members of the Council to determine the Council's mid- to long-term financial plans for the current year are published. Those for previous years can be found by searching within the reports.
  • Audit Commission Annual Audit and Inspection Letter - The Audit Commission, an independent watchdog, audit the Council's accounts each year and produce an inspection letter and report that provides an overall summary of the Audit Commission's assessment of the Council. The latest inspection letter is published.
  • Financial Monitoring - Financial monitoring reports on income and expenditure are published for the current financial year. Those for previous years can be found by searching within reports for the .
  • Key Reports - Reports published for the current financial year include Treasury Management  and the Annual Efficiency Statement. Those for previous years can be found by searching within the reports for  and the .
  • Statement of Accounts - The annual Statement of Accounts shows how money has been spent in the financial year.  The latest and historic statements of accounts are published, together with the "Completion of the Audit of Accounts - Notice of Public Rights." This enables any local Government elector to inspect the statement of accounts.

The links provided on the above pages are either direct links or "Related Documents" at the foot of each page.

Allowances and expenses for members and employees


In this Section we publish the:

Members' Allowances Scheme [158kb]Opens new window

Details of the rates of Employee Allowances are available from Human Resources, Appletree Court, Lyndhurst

Procurement and contracts

For further information please refer to Procurement, Tenders and Contracts

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