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Leadership team

The Executive Management Team (EMT) comprises of:

  • Chief Executive, Kate Ryan
  • Strategic Director of Housing, Communities and Governance, Grainne O'Rourke
  • Strategic Director of Corporate Resources, S151 and Transformation, Alan Bethune
  • Strategic Director of Place, Operations, and Sustainability, James Carpenter 

It works to maximise the capacity and effectiveness of the council in delivering the council's corporate plan.

The Executive Management Team is the main interface between the Cabinet and the officers employed to serve the organisation and the community.

It ensures that all service areas of the council are working together in meeting the objectives set, whilst serving the people of the New Forest.

The Executive Management Team (EMT) has collective responsibility for:

  • serving 176,262 (Census 2021) residents
  • running a net revenue budget of £22 million (£14 million funded from Council Tax)
  • a Housing Revenue Account with income from Council House Tenants of £30 million
  • a staff of over 700 people

EMT has ultimate responsibility for leading an organisation that co-ordinates and delivers a diverse range of services, many of which are delivered in partnership with other public sector bodies, the third sector, and with the help of the local community.

Leadership team structure

Our management structure consists of our Chief Executive and Strategic Directors supported by leads in the following areas:

Kate Ryan, Chief Executive

Responsible for

  • Grainne O'Rourke, Strategic Director of Housing, Communities and Governance
  • Alan Bethune, Strategic Director of Corporate Resources, S151 and Transformation
  • James Carpenter, Strategic Director of Place, Operations, and Sustainability
  • Sara Hamilton, Corporate Communications

View structure chart for Chief Executive (PDF) [82KB]  

 Grainne O'Rourke, Strategic Director of Housing, Communities and Governance

 Responsible for:

  • Richard Knott, Assistant Director Housing
  • Brian Byrne, Estates Management, CCTV, Community Safety and Community Alarms
  • Ritchie Thomson, Housing Maintenance
  • Matt Wisdom, Democratic Services
  • Tim Davis, Housing Strategy and Development
  • Joanne McClay, Environmental and Regulation
  • Chris Pope, Housing Options, Rents, Support and Private Sector Housing
  • Tanya Coulter, Legal Service Manager
  • Amanda Wilson, Information, Governance & Complaints 

View structure chart for Housing, Communities and Governance (PDF) [118KB]

Alan Bethune, Strategic Director Corporate Resources, S151 and Transformation

Responsible for:

  • Rebecca Drummond, Assistant Director Transformation
  • Ryan Stevens, Revenue and Benefits 
  • Heleana Aylett, Human Resources
  • Andrew Mills, Estates and Valuation
  • Kevin Green, Finance
  • Gary Jarvis, Strategic Procurement
  • Rich Bird, Data, Development and Delivery
  • Kim Gray, ICT Operations
  • Debbie Everett, Elections and Business Improvement

View structure chart for Corporate Resources, S151 and Transformation (PDF) [113KB]

James Carpenter, Strategic Director of Place, Operations, and Sustainability

Responsible for:

  • Chris Noble, Assistant Director Place Operations
  • Steve Cook, Coastal
  • Iain Park - Grounds and Streetscene
  • Paul McHenry, Waste and Transport (interim)
  • Vacant, Assistant Director Place Development
  • David Norris, Development Management
  • Tim Guymer, Policy and Strategy
  • Nick Ford, Building Control
  • Roxanne King - Climate Change and Sustainability

View structure chart for Place, Operations, and Sustainability (PDF) [103KB]


Job title

Service/functions responsible for

No. of direct reports FTE

Permanent or temporary

Work contact details

Chief Executive

Head of Paid Service



Strategic Director of Housing Communities & Governance

Monitoring Officer



Strategic Director Corporate Resources, S151 & Transformation  

Section 151



Strategic Director of Place, Operations and Sustainability




Assistant Director Housing




Assistant Director Transformation




Assistant Director Place Operations




Assistant Director Place Development





Salary information regarding the job titles listed above is available on the following link New Forest District Council Pay Policy Statement - Financial year 2023-24 - New Forest District Council

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