Local checklists for planning applications

You may need to submit extra information with your planning application. Our local checklists specify the information you need to provide for each type of project.

If you do not submit all the correct information with your application, it may take longer to get planning permission.

Review of local information requirements for planning applications

On 9 September 2020, our Planning Committee approved the recommendation that a consultation should take place on a revised list of local information requirements for planning applications.  The report discussed by the committee and the appendices can be seen below:

If you would like to comment on either the overall principles of the approach and/or the detailed document requirements please do so by 28 October 2020. Any comments should be sent to planning@nfdc.gov.uk, and should include '1APP CONSULTATION' as the email subject, together with full contact details including the name of the organisation or firm you are responding on behalf of.

General information for applications

If you are applying by post, we need two copies of plans, forms, certificates and supporting statements. They should be numbered so they can be referred to on the decision notice.

All plans should be named in a logical manner and must state the original paper size. You must submit plans that are Ordnance Survey based and up to date.

The site location plan should be at a scale of 1:1250 or 1:2500, and the site block plan at a scale of 1:500 or 1:100. When proposing new development, the plans must include a scale bar and key dimensions.

Your plans must also:

  • have north marked
  • cover a large enough area to easily find the location
  • have a red outline around the boundary of your house and any garden
  • have a blue outline around any other land you own that is not your house or garden
  • show elevations that identify which direction the elevations face.

Before submitting an application, you are strongly advised to make use of the planning application checking service we offer. This will identify what our views are on what you propose, and what information will be required to support any application.

All applications we receive are inspected in detail. Requests for plans will be proportionate to the nature and scale of the proposal. Information will only be required that adds to an understanding of the proposal. An applicant or agent can advise as to why they feel their submission is adequate and reflects the matter to hand.

We are unable to offer informal advice as to the need for planning permission. If you need advice as to whether you require permission, submit a formal Certificate of Lawfulness Application via the Planning Portal.

Almost all planning and related applications require the payment of a fee. Find out more about planning application fees.

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