Pre-application planning advice

We recommend that if you are considering anything other than the most straightforward planning proposals that you seek pre-application advice first.

It can reduce delays or even avoid a withdrawal or a refusal when a formal application is submitted, and improve the chances of a proposal being acceptable as submitted, which is how the Council normally determine them.

There will be a charge for most types of pre-application advice.  The charge will depend on the nature and complexity of the advice you are seeking, as will the type and format of the response given.

It is very important that you provide enough information in the pre-application submission to enable the Council to give you as comprehensive and meaningful a response as is possible. What you need to provide is explained on the relevant form, which also explains the type of response you will receive, the timescale and the fee. If you do not provide this information, your enquiry will be returned.

Click on the relevant link below to be taken the correct form.

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