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Cost for pre application advice


For householder, business and residential development enquiries:

  • Stage 1. Fee will be 25% (plus VAT) of the planning fee for the proposed development and particular type of application
  • Stage 2. Following the written advice, if further advice is required relating to the same site then further pre-application advice will be given at 15% (plus VAT) of the planning fee for that particular type of application.
  • Stage 3. For any further advice relating to the same site after both the first and second stage advice has been given then additional advice can be given at 10% (plus VAT) of the planning fee.

As a guide, for Stage 1 advice, a householder enquiry would pay £51.50 + VAT totalling £61.80.  For an enquiry relating to one new dwelling house the fee would be £115.50 + VAT totalling £138.60

Please note application fees will be increasing on 6 December 2023, by 25% across the board, rising to 35% for major schemes.  Therefore,  the fees for a householder enquiry will raise to £64.50 + VAT totalling £77.40, and and enquiry relating to one new dwelling house will be £144.50 + VAT totalling £173.40.

Listed building and tree enquiries: £60 (inclusive of VAT) 

Strategic developments sites: Fee and programme to be negotiated, however the minimum cost will be 25% (plus VAT) of the planning application fee). A fee of 25% (plus VAT) of the planning application fee will be charged if no PPA is entered into.   

Fees for planning applications can be calculated using the Planning Portal's online calculator

The following categories will be exempt from pre-application advice charges:  

  • listed building applications where there is no associated planning application  
  • proposals made by, or on behalf of town or parish councils, local authorities or county council  
  • conservation area demolition  
  • alterations to dwelling houses or buildings to which members of the public are admitted for the purpose of providing means of access or improved facilities for disabled persons  
  • affordable housing exception schemes in rural areas by registered providers

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