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Changes to recycling and rubbish collections from 2025

In 2018, the government announced a new plan for waste and recycling in England.

We have since been reviewing how we can reduce waste and improve recycling. In summer 2022, future changes to how we collect waste and recycling were approved.

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Service change from 2023 to 2024

Our new garden waste wheeled bin collection service started from 1 April 2024. We now only collect garden waste using wheeled bins, instead of the bags we used to use.

Our garden waste collection service is optional. Customers pay for 12 months of collections, and a one-off supply charge per wheeled bin. 

View information about garden waste collections and home composting.

New core collection service, expected from spring 2025

Depending on where you live in the district, you will start to get new waste and recycling services between spring and autumn 2025.

Our core new service will be provided to most households in the district. 

The core new service will include: 

New food waste collections 

We will collect food waste every week for recycling.

We will provide a 7 litre caddy to be used in the kitchen, and a 23 litre caddy for collections. 

Alternate week collections of recycling and general waste  

We will collect recycling one week. We will collect general waste the next.  

Recycling will be collected from a 240 litre wheeled bin. You will be able to recycle everything we collect from clear recycling sacks now. This includes plastic bottles, aerosols, tins, cans, paper and card. 

General waste will be collected from an 180 litre wheeled bin.

Monthly glass collections

Glass collections will continue to be monthly. We will collect glass using your black collection box. If you live in flats, we will still collect glass using your communal glass bin. 

Changes to collections after 2025

We are working with partners across Hampshire to collect and recycle more items in the future, such as extra plastics, foil, and cartons. To do this, we are reliant on plans for new recycling sorting facilities, which are currently due by 2026 at the earliest.

Once we know more about plans for waste disposal in Hampshire, we will be able to review what we can recycle and how we collect it.

New collection policy  

For a new collection service, a new collection policy will be put in place.  

Read more about the new collection policy, agreed at 5 July Cabinet

The collection policy will define alternative arrangements for households whom the core service is not suitable for. It will also define containers sizes, our approach to side waste, assisted collections and allowances for larger households. 

We will:   

  • survey properties across the district to identify which will properties will need alternatives to wheeled bins
  • offer our assisted collection service to support residents who cannot move their containers on collection day
  • offer larger or smaller bins to residents who need more or less capacity for their waste

Why we are changing our service

We will be doing more to reduce waste, and changing our service, so we can: 

  • meet the government's recycling rate target of 65% in 2035
  • recycle food waste
  • offer the safest working conditions for our waste crews 
  • comply with the Environment Act
  • reduce litter from split plastic sacks, which can cause harm to wildlife

How our plans have been developed

Our plans have been informed by:

  • government consultations 
  • an initial resident survey, early 2020  
  • our Draft Waste Strategy, approved in November 2020  
  • a formal period of engagement in late 2020 where residents, our staff, and other stakeholders provided feedback on the Draft Waste Strategy  
  • Hampshire's Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy approved in 2021, which sets out plans to manage waste in the county
  • best practice from top-performing councils from comparable areas in England
  • ongoing feedback from our community, members and staff 

Our Waste Strategy 2022 to 2027 was approved in summer 2022. It details our plans to reduce waste and improve recycling, and includes changes to waste and recycling collections. 

View information about the Waste Strategy 2022 to 2027.

What will happen next  

We will keep you updated and share more information and resources to support you with future changes to the service. 

We will be contacting all residents with more details ahead of the new service rollout.

If you have any questions or would like to share your views, please contact our waste strategy team at

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