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Recreational Mitigation Programme

We have developed our Recreational Mitigation Programme in response to a statutory requirement to provide a Mitigation Strategy for Recreational Impacts on New Forest European Sites (comprising Special Areas of Conservation, Special Protection Areas and Ramsar sites).

In particular, the programme seeks to alleviate the adverse environmental impact associated with increased visitor numbers and dog-walking, due to planned residential developments within our district.

Typically, the mitigation programme will provide local recreational mitigation amenities within, or near to, planned residential developments, as well as other wider mitigation measures.

Whilst the programme seeks to address the impact of planned residential development in New Forest District (outside of the National Park), it should be noted that the wider management of visitors to New Forest European Sites is addressed through the work of the New Forest National Park Authority and its partners.

Details of the Recreational Mitigation Strategy are set out in the Supplementary Planning Document

Our strategy comprises the four main elements, which should be delivered concurrently, to provide a fully integrated mitigation strategy.  All areas of the strategy are fully funded by developers as part of the planning process.

1) New greenspace
Provision of new areas of publicly accessible Alternative Natural Recreational Greenspace (ANRG), located within planned residential development sites (referred to as "on-site" mitigation schemes). Typically, these schemes are identified through planning consent. The schemes are required to comply with our ANRG design guidance.

2) Existing greenspace and Footpath/Public Right of Ways (PRoW) 
Enhancements and improvements to local recreational mitigation amenities, located near to where new residential developments have taken place (referred to as "off-site" mitigation schemes). Typically, these schemes are identified and managed directly by NFDC.

3) Monitoring 
Ongoing monitoring of the implementation and effectiveness of Green Way schemes by NFDC, including monitoring usage, changes in overall visitor numbers, environmental impacts and realised benefits.

4) Access and visitor management
The appointment of a People and Wildlife Ranger(s) to undertake educational and monitoring functions across the New Forest (including in the National Park).  This post is currently hosted by the New Forest National Park in addition to their existing Rangers.

Bird Aware Solent

New housebuilding around the Solent will create additional recreational pressures which will impact on the three Solent Special Protection Areas unless mitigation measures are put in place.

Green Way

Green Way is the collective name our mitigation schemes.

Management of Green Way sites

Details of how Green Way sites are managed

Mitigation programme 2024/25

The programme of works for delivery in 2024/25

Recreational Mitigation Strategy

The Mitigation for Recreational Impacts SPD focuses on the recreational pressures arising from residential development on the New Forest European sites

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