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Green Way

Green Way is the collective name for on-site and off-site mitigation schemes, comprising of public open spaces and walking routes, promoted by us to provide year-round walking and recreational opportunities for visitors and local residents.

We have developed a high-quality signage strategy to promote Green Way schemes and build awareness in the local community.

We live in a very special area with easy access to the New Forest National Park and the coast.

These unique and special places are recognised internationally as rare and precious habitats that require the highest level of protection.

With an ever-growing local population and large numbers of summer visitors the pressure on the New Forest National Park is increasing. To help relieve the pressure on these sensitive areas the Green Way is providing alternative, local facilities for dog walking and other activities.

Green Way objectives include:

  • providing natural green spaces as part of new residential developments
  • enhancing existing green spaces
  • enhancing the extensive network of walking routes that exist outside of the sensitive areas
  • providing recreational amenities that feel welcoming and safe and enhance the planting/biodiversity interest
  • providing people and Wildlife Rangers to help manage sensitive areas

Green Way outcomes:

  • restoring the status quo in terms of the potential adverse environmental impacts on designated European Sites by providing alternative recreational amenities for local residents, who might otherwise visit the European Sites for outdoor recreation, particularly activities most likely to cause disturbance of designated features (such as dog walking)
  • provide direct benefit to residents in terms of improved health and wellbeing
  • improve linkages/connectivity with other open spaces and walking routes
  • ensure sites are clearly sign-posted or way-marked
  • improving accessibility for all
  • improved surfacing of walking routes to encourage multi-user and year-round availability

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