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Project delivery

New Greenspaces (on-site mitigation schemes) on new development

Alternative natural recreational greenspace (ANRG) will form a key element of the mitigation strategy and provision for at least 8ha per 1,000 of population of new residential development is a requirement for sites of 50 or more dwellings as set out in Local Plan Policy ENV1.

Since we first adopted our mitigation strategy a number of new developments have delivered 'ANRG' on site such as:

  • Heatherstone Grange, Bransgore
  • Alexandra Road, Lymington
  • Crow Lane, Ringwood

As the strategic sites from our Local Plan 2016-2036 Part 1: Planning Strategy come forward these will also have to provide these new areas of open space.  For further details on how development is progressing on these site allocations can be found on our strategic sites progress pages.

Existing greenspace (off-site mitigation schemes)

Where on-site recreation mitigation is not provided a financial contribution will be sought towards the provision of new green spaces and the enhancement of exisitng green spaces and recreational walking routes, including provision for their long-term maintenance and management costs.

To ensure the programme of projects is responsive to changing circumstances and opportunities, the programme of specific projects will be maintained and published separately.  This ensures it can be reviewed regularly to allow a 3 to 5 year rolling programme of projects for implementation to be sustained, and to specifically ensure that:

  • projects are deliverable in the agreed time frame
  • projects come forward at times and locations around the District reflecting the current trajectory of predicted housing delivery
  • it is possible to react to monitoring regarding the success of existing projects and further refinements in the evidence of the visitor impact on the designated New Forest sites

Project delivered before 2023/24

Details of recreational mitigation projects that have been delivered before 2023/24

Mitigation Programme 2023/24

A summary of the projects approved for delivery in 2023/24

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