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Management of Green Way sites

New greenspaces (on-site mitigation schemes)

New greenspace land provided for mitigation shall be made available to the public in perpetuity.

Typically, the land shall be transferred to NFDC (or other public body at nil cost).

Where ownership is not transferred, and the land remains in private ownership, a management company or other arrangements shall be set up by the developer to ensure the management of the site and that the site remains a publicly accessible natural green space in perpetuity.

Existing greenspace (off-site mitigation schemes)

Enhancements to existing greenspace and Footpath/Public Right of Ways (PRoW) are typically owned by NFDC (or other public bodies) and shall remain so.

Typically, the management of these sites in perpetuity shall remain the responsibility of the existing landowner, and in the case of Footpath/Public Right of Ways (PRoW) with Hampshire County Council (HCC).

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