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How CIL is spent

CIL funds are spent on relevant infrastructure that is needed to support the local development of the area. The levy is to be spent by us on the provision of new infrastructure and should not be used to remedy pre-existing deficiencies unless those deficiencies will be made more severe by new development.

We, as the charging authority, are responsible for making the final decision on the allocation of funding raised through the CIL. The CIL expenditure framework sets out the process for how the Council will identify and agree priorities for the use of CIL and the allocation of funds on an annual basis.

CIL collected will be used to provide infrastructure to support new development within the district. Of this:

  • 5% will be used to provide a dedicated resource for the annual monitoring and management required by the CIL regulations
  • either 15% or 25% of receipts accruing from development within the parish will be allocated to the relevant parish or town council
  • remaining CIL monies will be allocated by us for investment in infrastructure for the district

CIL monies passed to parish and town councils

Some of the monies received through CIL can be passed to local councils as a Local, or Neighbourhood, Fund.  The regulations state that a minimum of 15% of the funds raised within a parish should be passed as the local portion.

This will rise to 25% where a neighbourhood plan is in place. 

This local portion makes sure that infrastructure improvements can be made directly in the areas where the development takes place. Projects may include new equipment for a local play area or new benches in a local park.

You can view specific guidance for parish councils on using their CIL funds below

Parish and town councils are also required to keep records of payments received and how that money has been spent, further information on the monitoring reports can be found below


CIL Expenditure Framework (PDF) [515KB]

CIL guide for Town and Parishes (PDF) [444KB]

CIL Communications Strategy (PDF) [434KB]

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