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Cemetery services

Within our eight cemeteries, we are able to accommodate both burial and cremated remains interments.

We also have areas within the cemeteries set aside for a memorial garden and woodland section. However, these areas are not available in every cemetery.

All our cemeteries are open to the public, but you must respect other visitors and the grounds as these are places of peace and tranquillity.

For further information with each cemetery's service provision, refer to our Cemetery Locations page.

On this page:

Interment bookings

If you wish to organise an interment within any of our cemeteries, you need to book this through the Cemeteries Office. All interment bookings will incur a chargeable fee.

The interment fee includes the following:

  • the administration for the booking of the interment
  • the preparation and completion of the interment at the time of committal
  • the maintenance of statutory registers and records following the interment.

There are no restrictions on who can be interred within the cemeteries we provide. Those people who reside outside the district will be charged the full fee for all services. Residents will be charged at a reduced rate for some services.

Interments may take place Monday to Friday between 9.30am and 3pm, subject to availability.

Saturday interments are by arrangement only and premium fees apply.

To arrange an interment, refer to our current list of registered stonemasons and funeral directors to select your preferred choice of funeral director. Your funeral director will contact us on your behalf.

You can download the application form for burial or cremated remains interments.  

Notice of Interment application form (PDF) [220KB]

If you wish to use any of our memorial gardens you can download the application form. 

Notice of Scattering within the Memorial Garden application form (PDF) [799KB]

Buying a cemetery plot

All cemetery plots must be purchased prior to interment.

Buying a cemetery plot means you purchase the Exclusive Right of Burial for 30 years, allowing the holder(s) of the right of burial to organise an interment within the plot or install a memorial stone on the plot.

When you purchase the Exclusive Right of Burial you do not own the plot, you are purchasing the rights to use your plot. Once we receive your application and purchase fee for your preferred cemetery plot, you will be issued with an Exclusive Right of Burial Deed of Grant. This is proof of your right of burial and must be kept safe for future needs.

You are also able to pre-purchase a cemetery plot within your chosen cemetery.

You may need to contact the Cemeteries Office for the following situations:

  • with pre-purchasing a cemetery plot
  • with purchasing a cemetery plot
  • to report a lost or mislaid Deed of Grant
  • if you wish to surrender your cemetery plot (unused). In some instances, this may result in a refund (fees are calculated pro rata)
  • to report a change of address or name change
  • to make a change to the current named holders on the Deed of Grant. This is called a transfer of the Exclusive Right of Burial.

For further information with cemetery plots, visit our Buying a Cemetery Plot page.

Memorial applications

All memorials need to be applied for by the owner(s) of the cemetery plot before they can be erected within our cemeteries.

Applications are organised through your chosen registered stonemason with the submission of an application which incurs a chargeable application fee.

Depending upon your cemetery plot type, you may be able to install a memorial stone (for both graves and cremated remains plots). With plots located within the traditional sections of our cemeteries, you may be able to apply for a memorial stone with a stone surround.

We advise you consider your preferred type of memorial when purchasing an interment plot.

Applications ensure the following:

  • memorials meet safety standards
  • display the correct information
  • memorials are in-line with our current Regulations.

For further information with organising a memorial stone for your cemetery plot or choosing a cemetery plot, visit our Cemetery Regulations Section 10 Erecting and Maintaining a Memorial.

If you wish to erect, make changes or maintain an existing memorial,  you will need to complete our Memorial Application form. You can download this form below:

Memorial application form (PDF) [728KB]

You can apply for a memorial plaque for both the Memorial Garden and Woodland sections. You can download these forms below:

Woodland Section Memorial Plaque application form (PDF) [1MB]

Memorial Garden Memorial Plaque application form (PDF) [700KB]


Currently, we do not have a crematorium in the New Forest. The nearest crematoria are in Southampton, Eastleigh, Test Valley and Bournemouth.

Cremated remains can be interred within:

  • graves
  • woodland graves
  • woodland ashes graves
  • the memorial gardens
  • cremated remains plots.

All our cemeteries are open to the public, but you must respect other visitors and the grounds as these are places of peace and tranquillity.

Cemeteries enquiries, issues and contact information

If you have an enquiry with your cemetery plot or with any of our cemeteries, we will be able to provide advice and information.

If you wish to report a cemetery problem, email the Cemeteries Office at or call 023 8028 5952 during office opening hours Monday to Friday 9.30am to 4pm. If you call out of opening hours, you can leave a message and we will return your call as soon as we are able.

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