Annual budgets and financial report

Revenue and capital budgets

As part of the terms of reference of the Accountancy Service, the statutory budgets are produced. These detailed budgets are summarised for Publication as the Revenue and Capital Budgets.

The budgets are split into sections that are accessible via the links below. The linked documents contain budgeted and actual expenditure. Note that actual expenditure is included for comparative purposes only and that the figures are rounded to the nearest whole pound. Whilst the rounding adjustments do not affect the accuracy of the data, they can result in minor discrepancies between the expenditure, subtotals and totals shown.


Portfolio revenue requirements



Annual financial report

We publish an Annual Financial Report in a format which is prescribed by CIPFA (The Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accounting). 

The accounts show how money has been spent in the financial year.

In accordance with Accounts and Audit (England) Regulations 2015, the Public Notice in regards to inspecting, questioning or objecting to the Council's Annual Financial Report, Audit of Accounts Public Notice is availableIcon for pdf Audit of Accounts Public Notice [64.11KB]

The accounts for each financial year are subject to external audit, after which the Audit Results Report is received.

You can print and circulate the annual financial report subject to copyright limitations.

Icon for pdf Draft Annual Financial Report 2020/21 [4.15MB]

Icon for pdf Annual Financial Report 2019/20 [945.15KB]

Icon for pdf Annual Financial Report 2018/19 [1.33MB]

Icon for pdf Annual Financial Report 2017/18 [685.43KB]

Icon for pdf Annual Financial Report 2016/17 [732.46KB]

Icon for pdf Annual Financial Report 2015/16 [604.38KB]

Icon for pdf Annual Financial Report 2014/15 [713.58KB]

The external audit of the draft statement of accounts for the year ended 31 March 2021 has not been completed by our external auditors EY LLP. This is due to rescheduling the audit.

This situation is allowed for by the Regulation 10, paragraph (2a) of the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015.

Therefore this notification explains, as per paragraph (2a), that we are not yet able to publish our audited 2020/21 final statement of accounts in line with deadline of 30 September 2021, as per paragraph (1). The audit committee will consider the results of the 2020/21 audit at its meeting on 17 December 2021, after which we will publish the final audited accounts.

Icon for pdf Audit letter, audit not completed letter [22.49KB]

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