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Information on the gender pay gap and other equalities statistics and research.

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Gender pay gap data

Overall the results show that we are in a reasonable position with no significant variations. We will endeavour to improve this position and this year we made changes to our pay scales after the data was captured which should further improve the balance of our pay between genders.

Our mean gender pay gap is 7.23% which equates to 91p and our median gender pay gap is 0% which equates to 0p.

We are confident that we pay men and women equally for doing the same job. We recognise that there is no room for complacency and we will continue to strive to address any imbalance.

Our other data is as follows:

Gender pay quartiles

Gender pay gap

Band A
(lowest Paid)

Band BBand CBand D
(highest paid)

Male - 48.3%

Male - 38.7%Male - 28%Male - 49.9%

Female - 51.7%

Female - 61.3%Female - 72%Female - 50.1%


Bonus pay

Gender pay gap
Mean gender bonus gapMedian gender bonus gapProportion of male
employees receiving a bonus
Proportion of female
employees receiving a bonus



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