How much Council Tax you pay and how it is spent

We publish information on how your Council Tax payments are spent and what they pay for.

We collect the Council Tax you pay, but only keep around ten pence in every pound to pay for our services. 

The remaining money goes to the following organisations to pay for the services they provide:

Council Tax charges for 2021/22

A small percentage of Council Tax money goes to town and parish councils in New Forest. For financial information, download the document below.

Icon for pdf Council Tax charges for Town and Parish Councils 2021-22 [88.22KB]

Council Tax for 2021/22

We collect £137.6 million of Council Tax, which is spent by each authority to pay for its services as per the breakdown below.

  • Hampshire County Council: £96.6 million
  • Police and Crime Commissioner: £16.2 million
  • New Forest District Council: £13.1 million
  • Town and parish councils: £6.7 million
  • Hampshire Fire and Rescue Authority: £5.0 million

Council Tax payments are calculated based on each property's Council Tax band. For an average Band D property, the annual Council Tax for financial year 2021/22 is split as detailed in the table below.

Council Tax split for a Band D property in 2021/22
Organisation receiving Council Tax moneyAmountPercentage
Hampshire County Council£1,200.0462.4%
Hampshire County Council Adult Social Care Precept£150.417.8%
Hampshire Fire and Rescue Authority£70.433.7%
New Forest District Council£183.369.5%
Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire£226.4611.8%
Town and Parish Councils (average)£93.204.8%

Council budget 2021/22

Our total gross revenue expenditure in financial year 2021/22 is budgeted at £104,354,000. This excludes spending on council-owned housing services, as this is paid for by housing rents.

After allowing for income of £91,237,000 from services, non-domestic rates, interest on balances and government grants, our Council Tax requirement for 2021/22 is £13,117,000.

Our estimated net spend on services is £19,291,000. This is £97,000 more than in financial year 2020/21. The reasons for this are:

  • pay and prices increases: £640,000
  • net budget adjustments: -£879,000
  • Ongoing savings identified: -£1,408,000
  • Waste collection Changes: £280,000
  • Additional budget requirements: £247,000
  • COVID-19 income loss and expenditure: £1,332,000
  • Net other adjustments: -£115,000.

We plan to spend £36,197,000 on our capital programme for 2021/22, as shown below.

  • Housing: £21,450,000.
  • Depot site: £2,100,000
  • Coastal protection: £2,700,000
  • Vehicles, plant and equipment: £3,462,000
  • Mitigation schemes: £595,000.
  • Smarter working: £250,000.
  • Public conveniences: £375,000.
  • Economic Sustainability & Regeneration: £5,000,000.
  • Open Space Schemes: £265,000.

Coastal protection

The Environment Agency is responsible for the management of the risk of flood for rivers and sea defences in England and Wales. 

The Southern Region's gross expenditure for 2021/22 is £99,343,000. A charge is made to Hampshire County Council for costs associated with this function. 

The total of levies charged for the Southern Region for 2021/22 has increased to £1,517,000 from £1,488,000 in 2020/21.

Town and parish councils

For information about local town and parish councils with a requirement of more than £140,000 in 2021/22, download the document below.

Icon for pdf Further information on Town and Parish Councils 2021-22 [156.26KB]

This document includes contact details for the town clerks for each town and parish. If you have any questions, contact the relevant town clerk.

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