Appletree Careline community alarm service

We work with Appletree Careline to provide a monitoring service for people in their homes. This provides the security of an immediate response if there is an emergency.

Appletree Careline provides additional help for those who wish to maintain independence. The products are already used by over 2,000 residents in the New Forest and surrounding areas.

You can find out more about Appletree Careline by downloading the leaflet below.

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Community alarm

This is a two-way speech system linked to Appletree Careline's emergency control room. It plugs in direct to an existing telephone and electrical socket.

A lightweight alarm can be worn as a pendant or wristband. A press of the button puts you through to our trained team, without the need to remember any numbers. We will hold and maintain your list of contacts to help mobilise support.

We offer a uniquely numbered silicon wristband for use when undertaking any social or day to day activity. There is a small annual fee and one-off registration charge.

Additional community alarm products

Once you have a community alarm installed, Appletree Careline can also provide:

  • fall detectors
  • smoke detectors
  • carbon monoxide detectors
  • additional pendants for the community alarm.

These items are linked to the community  alarm. Upon activation, they automatically call Appletree Careline's control room so that help can be sent.

Identity wristbands

This is available for anyone who wants to feel safer or more confident away from their home. A unique number and our emergency contact number are printed and debossed into a band worn around your wrist.

The Appletree Careline control room will co-ordinate with nominated contacts to provide help and support at any time.

For more information, download the identity wristband leaflet below.

Icon for pdf Appletree Careline identity wristband leaflet [406.49KB]

Pricing and options

Appletree Careline offer three packages for community alarms. All prices quoted exclude VAT. You may be VAT exempt if you have a disability, injury or illness.

Rental units

Available at £3.65 per week, including monitoring and maintenance. Installation costs £35 as standard or £50 for an urgent installation.

Purchased units

Available for a one-off fee of £145. Monitoring costs £1.85 per week, with installation £35 as standard or £50 for an urgent installation.

Additional product costs

These require a community alarm to be installed and active.

  • Fall detector: £1.30 per week.
  • Smoke detector: £0.80 per week.
  • Carbon monoxide detector: £1.55 per week.
  • Additional pendant: £0.67 per week.

Being a contact

When an alarm is activated, Appletree Careline may call a contact to visit the property to help provide extra information. The contact will need to be able to gain access to the property. They will only be contacted in an emergency.

For further information on being a contact, download the leaflet below.

Icon for pdf Appletree Careline being a contact leaflet [798.19KB]

Contact Appletree Careline

Contact Appletree Careline to ask questions, arrange an installation or request an information pack. The phone line is available 24 hours a day. Emails are responded to within 24 hours.


Phone: 023 8028 5523

Appletree Careline
New Forest District Council
Appletree Court
Beaulieu Road
SO43 7PA

If you are an existing customer, press the red button on the community alarm unit to speak to the control room. You can do this to inform Appletree Careline of equipment faults, lost pendants or a change in your details.

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