Household glass collection

You can recycle all of your glass bottles and jars in your black glass collection box, or your communal glass bin if you live in flats or communal buildings. Both of these are emptied every four weeks.

Household glass collections are continuing as normal.

What we collect

The table below lists the type of glass you can put in your black box or communal bin for recycling. It also lists examples of the types of glass we do not collect.

Types of glass we can and cannot collect
What we can collectWhat we cannot collect
Glass bottles such as wine, beer and spiritsDrinking glasses
Glass jars such as baby food, sauces, spreads and condimentsGlass kitchenware or crockery, such as Pyrex dishes
Coloured glass bottles or jarsVases
Any size of glass bottle or jarLight bulbs or fluorescent tubes
 Window panes
 Broken glass of any kind

Metal tops can be screwed back on to empty glass bottles and jars and put in the black box. No loose lids, corks or plastic lids/tops.

Broken glass can be disposed of in your black rubbish sack, but must be thoroughly wrapped in newspaper.

Any glass that we cannot collect can be taken to the tip.

Do not take any glass that we cannot collect to a community recycling bank as it will not be accepted.

When we collect

Your household glass is collected every four weeks. Your household will have a week colour and collection day, for example purple Thursday.

Your collection day will stay the same. For example, if you were a yellow Tuesday collection last year, you will be a yellow Tuesday collection this year.

You can check your glass collection day using our online postcode lookup below.

Every household will receive a glass collection calendar with its council tax bill in March, which shows the collection weeks and days. You can download a copy of the glass collection calendar below.

Icon for pdf Glass collection calendar 2021 - 22 [1.88MB]

To help you remember your collection day, you can join the free Remind Me text message service. You will receive a text message reminder the day before your glass collection is due, or to let you know if there have been any changes to your collection.

Icon for pdf Privacy Notice Remind Me text message service [39.18KB]

Bank holidays

Glass collections will still take place over the Easter and summer bank holidays.

Some changes are made to glass collection days at Christmas and New Year. These will be published on the Find My Collection Day page at the beginning of December. Details will also be printed on your black sacks, and published in the local press and on social media.

Missed collections

If your glass isn't collected, you can contact us to report a missed collection..

If you need help

Residents who are unable to put their boxes out at the edge of their property due to a disability, illness or injury can contact us to request an assisted collection.

What to do on collection day

Place your glass bottles and jars loose in your black box. Do not put carrier bags, boxes or other items in your box as we will not be able to empty it.

On your collection day, put your black box just within your property boundary in plain view by 7am.

If the collection crew cannot take the box because it contains incorrect items, they will leave a card explaining what needs to be removed. The incorrect items will need to be removed before your next collection.

Disposing of extra glass

If you have a lot of glass and would like an extra box, or your box has been lost or broken and you need a replacement, you can collect one from your local Information Office or contact customer services on 0238 028 5000.

You can still use the community recycling banks to recycle any extra glass bottles and jars at busy times of the year, such as during Christmas.

For updates on glass and other waste collections, follow us on Twitter.

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