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Community recycling banks

Community recycling banks are places where you can deposit recyclable household waste, and other materials such as textiles and books.

Although we collect some recyclable household waste in the clear recycling sacks, community recycling banks are useful for any excess waste you may want to get rid of.

You can find community recycling banks in frequently used locations around New Forest, such as car parks and supermarkets.

When visiting community recycling bank sites, please remember the following: 

  • any overspill or uncontained waste at the recycling banks can cause a health and fire risk
  • recycling left on the ground is classed as fly-tipping
  • CCTV cameras operate in these areas. 

On this page:

What you can recycle

Our community recycling locations have three types of recycling banks.

New carton and paper container banks (green)

The banks are for food and drink cartons, and paper containers with metal ends.

Following a trial in Fordingbridge, we now have seven carton and paper container recycling banks at the following public car parks in the district: 

  • Fordingbridge: car park located at the A338 slip road SP6 1AW
  • Hythe: New Road car park, SO45 6AQ 
  • Lymington: Cannon Street car park, SO41 9BR 
  • Lyndhurst: Village car park, SO43 7BF 
  • Milford on Sea: Sea Road car park, SO41 0DA
  • New Milton: Elm Avenue car park, BH25 6HE 
  • Ringwood: Furlong long stay car park, BH24 1AT 
  • Totton: Rumbridge Street car park, SO40 9ED 

You an use the carton and paper container recycling banks for: 

  • food and drinks cartons (like tetrapaks), including straws and caps 
  • paper-based containers with metal ends, such as tubes used for crisps, gravy, and hot chocolate (please remove lids) 
  • dough paper containers

Glass banks (green)

These banks are for glass bottles and jars, of all colours and sizes.

Mixed recycling banks (blue)

You can use the blue banks for the following materials only:

  • paper and cardboard.
  • tins, cans and aerosols.
  • plastic bottles.

At some locations, there are charity-run recycling banks for clothing/textiles, shoes, books and CDs.

There are some household materials that you cannot put in your clear recycling sack or take to a community recycling bank. These include:

  • small and large electrical items
  • household and garden chemicals
  • wood and furniture.

You may be able to dispose of some items at the tip

Alternatively, you may be able to use our bulky waste collection service

Community recycling bank locations

Refer to the table below for the locations of our community recycling bank sites and the materials collected at each site.

Community recycling banks are for household waste only. They cannot be used by businesses or traders.

Find out how to dispose of business waste.

Community recycling banks locations and accepted materials
LocationMaterials you can recycle
Ashurst: Ashurst car park, Lyndhurst Road SO40 7ARGlass, mixed recycling, textiles
Blackfield: Sainsbury's Local, Hampton Lane SO45 1XAGlass, mixed recycling, textiles
Bransgore: Bransgore car park, Betsy Lane BH23 8AQGlass, mixed recycling, textiles, shoes
Burley: Burley car park, Chapel Lane BH24 4DJGlass, mixed recycling
Calshot: Calshot car park SO45 1BRGlass, mixed recycling
Dibden: Tesco Superstore, Sizer Way, Dibden SO45 5JAGlass, mixed recycling, textiles, shoes
Fordingbridge: Located at the A338 slip road SP6 1AWGlass, mixed recycling, textiles, shoes plus trial carton, food and drink cartons and paper containers with metal ends
Hythe: New Road car park SO45 6AQGlass, mixed recycling, textiles, shoes, food and drink cartons and paper containers with metal ends
Lymington: Cannon Street car park SO41 9BRGlass, textiles, food and drink cartons and paper containers with metal ends
Lymington: rear of Marks & Spencer,  St Thomas Street car park SO41 3RBGlass, textiles, mixed recycling
Lyndhurst: Village car park SO43 7BFGlass, mixed recycling, textiles
Milford-on-Sea: Sea Road car park SO41 0DAGlass, mixed recycling, textiles, shoes, food and drink cartons and paper containers with metal ends
Minstead: Minstead Village Hall SO43 7FXGlass, mixed recycling, textiles
New Milton: Elm Avenue car park, New Milton BH25 6HEGlass, textiles, shoes, food and drink cartons and paper containers with metal ends
New Milton: Tesco superstore, Caird Avenue BH25 6BPGlass, mixed recycling, textiles, shoes
Ringwood: The Furlong car park BH24 1AT (banks have been temporarily relocated to the back of the long stay area)Glass, mixed recycling, textiles, shoes, food and drink cartons and paper containers with metal ends
Totton: Asda Superstore, Maynard Road SO40 3ZA

Glass, textiles

Totton: Morrison's Superstore, Spruce Drive SO40 8AD

Glass, mixed recycling, textiles, shoes
Totton: Rumbridge Street car park, SO40 9EATextiles, food and drinks cartons and paper containers with metal ends


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