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First homes

We have prepared a 'First Homes Advice Note' to address Government requirements set out in the National Planning Practice Guidance.

The advice note sets out the procedure we will follow when first homes are to be provided as part of the affordable housing requirement. It clarifies that we do not require first homes to be provided. However, in line with national guidance, we will accommodate them where a developer wishes to include them.

The advice note does not introduce new policy requirements, but instead explains how we will address planning applications that include proposals for first homes. It also explains how it interacts with meeting the existing adopted Local Plan Policy 'HOU2: Affordable Housing'.

What is a First Home?

First Homes are a specific kind of discounted market sale housing which:

  • must be discounted by a minimum of 30% against the market value
  • are sold to a person or persons meeting the First Homes eligibility criteria
  • are physically indistinguishable from the equivalent market homes in terms of quality and size
  • on their first sale, will have a restriction registered on the title at HM Land Registry to ensure this discount other restrictions are passed on at each subsequent title transfer
  • after the discount has been applied, the first sale must be at a price no higher than £250,000

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