Strategic Site 3: Land at Cork's Farm, Marchwood

Our Local Plan 2016-2036 Part 1: Planning Strategy has allocated this land, known as Strategic Site 3: Land at Cork's Farm, Marchwood for residential-led mixed use development and open space consisting of:

  • at least 150 homes, dependent on the form, size and mix of housing provided,
  • on-site provision of public open space

The area for the allocation can be seen below. The area of the development parcel is lined red.

Map showing area of Strategic Site 3: Land at Cork's Farm, Marchwood map

Current development parcels

So far we are have received a single outline planning application for the whole site:


Reference: 21/11293
Status: Awaiting decision

The proposal is a hybrid application seeking:

  • an outline permission (Access only) for residential development of up to 150 dwellings, together with associated public open space, ANRG and infrastructure, and Employment land (Use Classes E(g) (i) (ii) (iii) and B8);
  • Full consent for reprofiling of land for employment development, enclosure and site infrastructure


Currently no on site development work is ongoing.

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