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Strategic Site 2: Land south of Bury Road, Marchwood

Our Local Plan 2016-2036 Part 1: Planning Strategy has allocated this land, known as Strategic Site 2: Land south of Bury Road, Marchwood for residential-led mixed use development and open space consisting of:

  • at least 1,000 homes, dependent on the form, size and mix of housing provided, with 700 in the Plan period and 300 additional homes in the future on land currently occupied by a solar array
  • a community focal point in a prominent location in the southern part of the site including ground floor premises suitable for community use
  • contributions to educational provision to include two hectares of land to be reserved for a primary school
  • on-site provision of public open space

The area for the allocation can be seen below:

Current development parcels

So far we have received no planning applications.


Currently no on site development work is ongoing.

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