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In accordance with the Council's scheme of delegations, officers will be responsible for the administration of street naming and numbering (SNN).

Where an issue cannot be resolved by officers, it may be referred to the Portfolio Holder for Finance, Corporate Services and Improvement for determination.


The principal legislation which applies to street naming and numbering (SNN) is:

  • the Town Improvement Clauses Act 1847; 
  • the Public Health Act 1925; and
  • the Public Health Acts Amendment Act 1907.

Under these Acts, there is the power to:

  • cause houses and buildings in all or any street to be marked with numbers as it thinks fit
  • agree proposed street names 
  • alter the street name or any part of a street
  • assign a street name or part of a street name where a name has not been given 
  • ensure that the street name is displayed in a conspicuous position and alter or renew it if it becomes illegible or if the street name changes.

Local Land and Property Gazetteer ('LLPG')

The LLPG is a comprehensive address database, which is continually updated, and lists the definitive address of each property within the district.  

Each property has its own unique identification number (UPRN) and will be generated in accordance with the British Standard, BS7666:2006.   

We are committed to this initiative through our own LLPG which, together with other local authorities throughout England and Wales, make up the National Address Gazetteer (NAG).

Your questions answered

How do I check if my address is correct?

Please contact us, call 023 8028 5000 and ask for Address Management or email 

Who allocates postcodes?

Royal Mail are responsible for postcodes.  With regards to new developments we will contact Royal Mail who will reserve a new postcode which will be activated once we have been notified the site is ready for occupation.

Who do I contact if items and correspondence are being mis-delivered or not delivered?

Queries should be directed to Royal Mail.  Please see their website for more information,

A company says my officially registered address does not exist?

New or amended addresses can take up to 10 working days to appear on the Royal Mail website.

After this time, please contact us, call 023 8028 5000 and ask for Address Management or email and Royal Mail will be informed of the address details.

Who do I contact if address or routing information for my property is incorrect on Sat Navs?

Firstly contact us, call 023 8028 5000 and ask for Address Management or email  to check that the address is correct.  If the address is correct then contact Ordnance Survey,

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