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Naming a business property or commercial unit

Before a business property or commercial unit is named, any proposals must be received from the developer in writing by email to: or by letter to: 

Address Management
New Forest District Council
Appletree Court
Beaulieu Road
SO43 7PA.  

A proposed property/unit name will be rejected by us if it is:

  • duplicate (or very similar to) another business within the same town
  • controversial / offensive (which could include political or religious names)
  • confusing (such as a business property or commercial unit name that is the same as the town/village or another unrelated area).

In addition, we do not accept names with apostrophes.

New business parks will be named, following our approval.

Street names will be allocated within the business park, following our approval, in accordance with the requirements of guidance relating to new street names.

Units will be numbered within the street, in accordance with the requirements of this guidance relating to numbering of new streets



Upon agreement of a new business property or commercial unit name we will notify Non-Domestic Rates, Royal Mail, Ordnance Survey and Emergency Services.

Addressing land parcels

Applications to register an address for a parcel of land must include a site plan.  

The suggested name will be checked to ensure no duplication of property names within the locality.

The applicant should be aware that if the land is not residential or a business premises, the address will only be registered with the us. 

Royal Mail will not register addresses that are not occupied.

If you have any queries regarding registering the address with Royal Mail, please contact them on 03457 011 110 or email

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