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Cemetery management

The management and maintenance of our cemeteries.

For the safety of all who visit and maintain the cemeteries, do not leave glass vases, solar lights, wind chimes or lanterns on graves or cremated remains plots as they are unsafe and may cause accidents if broken or if fallen onto.

Habitat management

Wild orchids

Autumn Lady's Tresses inhabit some parts of Blackfield Cemetery and Milford Road Cemetery and can be found in full bloom in the later summer and autumn months.

In the interest of conserving the wild orchids, the grass cutting in these parts of the cemeteries will be temporally suspended during this time. The areas will remain uncut until the orchids' season is over.

Wild orchids growing in Blackfield and Milford Road Cemeteries

Memorial and memorabilia management

Memorial stability inspection

For reasons of safety, and in line with NFDC policy, memorials are routinely inspected and tested for stability. Each memorial is carefully assessed by a visual and simple hand test to check for movement.

Memorials in a dangerous, unsafe condition may be laid flat on top of the grave space. Graves may also be cordoned off or warning signs may be erected.

Seasonal memorabilia

Seasonal memorabilia which are separate to the memorial must be placed at the head end within your plot space.

Disposal of spent seasonal memorabilia is principally the responsibility of the Owner(s) of the Exclusive Right of Burial.  After a maximum period of 2 months, the cemeteries maintenance team will remove and dispose of spent memorabilia as part of routine maintenance works.

Cemetery maintenance

Our maintenance team is responsible for ensuring all grass, hedges and shrubs are cut and trimmed within each cemetery, to ensure they remain places of peace and tranquility.

The grass is cut regularly, typically monthly, depending on weather conditions and interments (burials).

We also maintain all memorial trees and shrubs within our woodland sections.

Make an enquiry

If you have an enquiry, email the Cemeteries Office at or call 023 8028 5952 during office opening hours Monday to Friday 9.30am to 4pm. If you call out of opening hours, you can leave a message and we will return your call as soon as we are able.

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