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Housing Benefit information for landlords

We work out Housing Benefit using the Local Housing Allowance. This may not be the same as the rent you are charging your tenants.

If a tenant's Housing Benefit is less than the amount of the rent, the tenant has to pay the difference.

Find out more about Housing Benefit.

Housing Benefit payment dates

We pay Housing Benefit:

  • every two weeks in arrears if we are paying direct to your tenant
  • every four weeks in arrears by bank transfer to landlords.

The payment dates for financial year 2024/25 are listed below:

  • 19 April 2024
  • 17 May 2024
  • 14 June 2024
  • 12 July 2024
  • 9 August 2024
  • 6 September 2024
  • 4 October 2024
  • 1 November 2024
  • 29 November 2024
  • 27 December 2024
  • 24 January 2025
  • 21 February 2025
  • 21 March 2025

Changes to your tenant's circumstances

Tenants claiming Housing Benefit must tell us about changes that may affect their entitlement.

If we pay too much benefit because of changes to circumstances we don't know about, we will expect the overpayment to be paid back to us.

Where we are paying a tenant's Housing Benefit direct to a landlord, we expect the landlord to tell us about changes to tenants' circumstances that may affect Housing Benefit entitlement. This applies where it is something that the landlord could be expected to know about, for example if the tenant moves out.

In these circumstances, we will look to the landlord to repay any overpaid benefit.

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