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Register to vote as a member of HM Armed Forces

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If you are member of His Majesty's (HM) Armed Forces, you will need to re-register to keep your right to vote.

You need to be on the electoral register to vote in UK elections and referendums. The registration process is different if you are a member of the UK's armed forces.

Registering as a service voter

If you're based overseas, or expect to be posted abroad, it makes sense to register as a service voter. This allows you to be registered at a fixed address in the UK even if you move around.

Registering to vote online is the easiest and quickest way. It only takes five minutes, and all you need is your service number and your National Insurance number (if you have one).

Find out more about National Insurance numbers on the GOV.UK website.

You can register to vote as a service voter using the online form below. This form can also be used by the spouse or civil partner of someone in the armed forces.

Service voter registration lasts for five years. You will qualify for a permanent proxy vote. This means that you can have someone else cast your vote on your behalf.

We will attempt to contact you before the end of your five-year period, to check if you still need your service voter registration and to remind you that it is time to re-register. If you change your address or contact details, you must let us know or you will not receive your reminder.

If you change address, leave the armed forces or no longer wish to be registered as a service voter, you must inform the Electoral Registration office.


Phone: 023 8028 5445

How to vote 

You can vote in one of three ways:

  • by post
  • by proxy
  • in person if you are in the UK.

Voting by post means using a form to register your vote and sending it by post. Voting by proxy means applying for someone else to cast your vote on your behalf. Find out more about voting by post or proxy.

You can only vote in person if:

  • you can get to your normal polling station on election day
  • you or your proxy hasn't applied to vote by post
  • you have not already cast your vote
  • your proxy has not already voted for you.

Privacy notice

There are two versions of the electoral register.

The full register is used for elections and referendums, preventing crime, and checking applications for credit. When you register to vote, your details will appear on the full register.

The edited register is available for general sale, and can be used for commercial activities such as marketing. You can choose if your details will appear on the edited register

For more information on how we use your personal data, see the Electoral Services Privacy Notice.

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