Right to Buy

Eligibility for Right to Buy

The Right to Buy (RTB) is a government scheme that we operate. You can buy the council home that you are currently renting at a discounted price if you:

  • are a secure tenant
  • live at the property as your main home
  • have at least 3 years public sector tenancy in either council or housing association properties.

If you can answer 'yes' to all of the above, then you are entitled to apply for the RTB your council home.

As an introduction, you can download the RTB summary booklet below:

Icon for pdf Right to Buy summary booklet [2.88MB]

You can also visit the government website righttobuy.gov.uk, where you can find more information and an application form. For independent advice on any part of the RTB, you should contact the government's official RTB agent service.

Local Connection Restriction policy

Our properties can only be sold to people with a connection to the rural areas of the New Forest. We have adopted a policy under s157 Housing Act 1985 which allows us to restrict the sale of council properties in defined rural areas following the Right to Buy. This policy is effective from 25 February 2021.

You can read the full policy online as well as details of the cabinet meeting and council meeting where this policy was discussed.

The rural areas covered by this policy are: Boldre; Bramshaw; Bransgore; Brockenhurst; Burley; Calshot; Copythorne; Damerham; East Boldre; Ellingham, Harbridge and Ibsley; Hale; Lyndhurst; Martin; Minstead; Netley Marsh; Rockbourne; Sway; Whitsbury; and Woodgreen.

Buying your home

If you want to proceed with buying your home, contact us using the details below. We will issue the forms needed to start the process.

Those eligible to buy their home are entitled to a discount. This will depend on the type of property and how long you've been a social tenant. Any discount is capped at £84,600 and applies where applications are received on or after 6 April 2021.

We can only help with the application. You will need to find your own solicitor and surveyor, and there are additional costs. To find out about these, plus other important information, you should read the RTB booklet. If you are buying a flat, the property will be leasehold and service charges will apply. Independent advice can be found at lease-advice.org or from the official RTB agent service.


We do not charge for the RTB. However, if you lose your documents or need them to be reissued, we will charge £36 for this service.

If  you want to borrow more money or change your mortgage provider within the first five years of buying your home, you'll need our permission to do so. We charge £150 in advance for assessing this request. This is non-refundable even if we decline your request.

To find out more, contact us using the details below.

After buying your home

After completing the RTB, you will be responsible for all parts of owning, maintaining and insuring your home. Although you are no longer a council tenant, there are three important times when you will need to contact us.

  1. To offer your home to us before you sell. For the first ten years after you buy your home, we have the right of first refusal. This means you have to offer the property to us first, but we do not have to buy the home from you. This doesn't apply to properties covered by the Local Connection Restriction policy.
  2. To repay your discount if you sell your home. In the first five years, we have a charge against your home. You will have to repay some money if you sell your home. The RTB booklet will explain more, or you can contact us and we will advise you.
  3. To borrow more money or change lender. As we have a charge against your home for five years from when you buy, you will need our permission to borrow more money or to change your lender. The charge above applies when making this request.

Contact us

If you want to find out more information or proceed with buying your home, email righttobuy@nfdc.gov.uk or call 023 8028 5222.

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