Garden waste collections

Subscriptions for the 2021-2022 garden waste collection year are now open. The new garden waste collection year 2021-2022 will start on 3 May 2021.   The service will run from 3 May 2021 to 31 March 2022 (11 months) because of service suspension experience due to Covid-19 in April 2020. 

Due to the current high demand for garden waste sacks, it may take longer than the normal ten working days to deliver your new or replacement garden waste bag(s).

Our fortnightly collection service offers an easy and affordable way for householders to recycle their garden waste.

The garden waste service is not available for businesses or schools.  

You can join the service for the first time or renew your subscription on this page.

On this page:

If you are a new customer:

  • it may take up to ten working days to deliver your new garden waste bag(s)
  • your garden waste collection will not begin until after you have received your bag(s).

If you are an existing customer:

  • we will aim to replace reported lost bags as soon as possible
  • it may take up to ten working days to replace bags reported as damaged.

How the garden waste service works

The service is a convenient way for you to recycle your garden waste, without having to take it to the tip. We come and collect the garden waste from your household every two weeks.

When you join the garden waste service for the first time, you'll receive the following:

  • reusable green bag(s) to put your garden waste in, and present outside your property
  • a welcome letter with details of your collection week (either A or B) and collection day
  • a collection calendar.

You can download the garden waste collection calendar for 2020/21 below.

Icon for pdf Garden Waste Collection Calendar 2020-21 (v2) [58.9KB]

You can download the full terms and conditions for the garden waste service below.

Icon for pdf Garden Waste Service Terms and Conditions (v4) [38.39KB]

You can download our Garden Waste Privacy Notice below.

Icon for pdf Garden Waste Privacy Notice [39.07KB]

Subscription costs

There is a sliding scale of charges depending on how many months you want to subscribe for, and how many garden waste bags you need.

Subscription costs for garden waste collection
Subscription periodFirst sackEach extra sack
3 May 2021 to 31 March 2022 (11 months)£35£18
1 August 2021 to 31 March 2022 (eight months)£30£16
1 November 2021 to 31 March 2022 (five months)£24£13


Sign up or renew a subscription

You can sign up for garden waste collection or renew your subscription using our online form below.

If you are submitting a direct debit request, make full payment for the year. Your direct debit will start in May 2021. You can download a direct debit form below.

Icon for pdf Garden Waste Direct Debit Form [40.98KB]

Alternatively, you can sign up or renew by phone.

Call the garden waste hotline 023 8028 5391

You can also sign up or renew in person at your local Information Office.

Payment must be made when joining the service. This can be done by cash or by credit or debit card. For cash payments, you must go to your local information office.

New customers to the garden waste service should receive their garden waste sack(s) within ten working days.

What we collect

You can dispose of up to 20kg of garden waste in your garden waste bag.

The table below lists the garden waste that we can collect, and examples of waste that we cannot collect.

Garden waste that we can and cannot collect
What we can collectWhat we cannot collect
Grass cuttingsFruit or vegetable peelings, food waste
Hedge cuttingsSoil, turf, rubble, concrete, stones
Weeds and flowersAnimal waste
Small branches up to 75mm diameterBranches more than 75mm in diameter
Leaves and twigsPlastic bags, pots or trays
PruningsInvasive species such as Japanese knotweed
Christmas trees (under 6ft) 

Christmas trees must be cut up before being placed in the garden waste bag.

The waste that we cannot collect can be taken to the tip.

Small amounts of garden waste, such as grass cuttings and hedge trimmings, can be disposed of via a home composting scheme.

When we collect

You can use our online postcode lookup to check what day your garden waste is collected.

Bank holidays

Garden waste collections will take place as normal over the Easter and summer bank holidays. They are suspended over Christmas and New Year from Monday 27 December 2021 until Monday 10 January 2022.

Missed collections

If your garden waste isn't collected you have up to 48 hours to contact us to report a missed collection.

If you need help

Residents who are unable to put their sacks out at the edge of their property due to a disability, illness or injury can contact us to request an assisted collection.

What to do on collection day

Garden waste is collected every two weeks. On your collection day, put out your garden waste bag at the edge of your property in plain view by 6am

In poor weather, cover your bag to prevent excess water increasing its weight.

We will empty your bag and leave you with another one.

Do not overfill your bag as we will be unable to empty it. If your bag contains incorrect items, we will be unable to empty it. If your bag is overweight, or contains incorrect items, the collection crew will leave a card explaining what needs to be removed.

If your bag is not emptied and you have received a card for any reason, do not report your collection as being missed, as we will not return to collect it until your next collection is due.

How your garden waste is recycled

Your garden waste will be taken to a site in Hampshire, where it will be composted by a process known as open windrow composting. The finished product, Pro-Grow, is a high-quality soil conditioner that is available to buy at every household waste recycling centre.

You can also buy a compost bin to recycle much of your food and garden waste. Find out more about our home composting scheme.

For updates on garden waste and other waste collections, follow us on Twitter.

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