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Garden waste collections and composting

We offer a fortnightly garden waste collection service for households. It is a paid-for service which residents can opt in for.

From April 2024, our new garden waste collection service began. We now only collect garden using wheeled bins, instead of the bags we used to use.

Sign up for garden waste collections

How to sign up and pay for garden waste wheeled bin collections, and how much it costs

How we collect garden waste

Information on when we collect garden waste and what to do on your collection day.

Garden waste bins

Information about garden waste bins, including delivery, and what to do if you move house.

What garden waste we collect

What garden waste we can and cannot collect.

Find my collection day

Check which day we collect rubbish, recycling, glass and garden waste.

Report a missed collection

Tell us if rubbish, recycling, glass or garden waste was not collected.

Home composting

Recycle your food and garden waste in an environmentally friendly way.

Previous garden waste collections using bags

Our previous garden waste collection service using bags ended on 31 March 2024.

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