Rent Council Garages

We own garages throughout New Forest that are available to rent. We maintain a waiting list for popular locations.

Renting a garage costs £10.70 per week (£12.84 including VAT).

We can only provide garages without VAT to our named tenants or leaseholders. A maximum of two garages are VAT exempt.

We are currently unable to accept new applications for garages. We will update this page when this changes. 

Who can rent a garage

We limit who can rent a garage from us. To rent a garage or join the waiting list, you:

  • must be aged 18 years or over
  • cannot owe us any money for current or former housing or garage tenancies
  • must be able to demonstrate you are a proper representative if applying on behalf of an organisation.

To be fair to all applicants, we have other conditions relating to renting a garage:

  • Garages must not be sublet.
  • Applications for second garages are permitted, but priority will be given to those who do not currently rent a garage.
  • Preference will be given to New Forest residents.

General rules for renting a garage

Before you rent a garage from us, you will receive a complete list of the terms and conditions. You should note the following:

  • Four weeks of rent must be paid before we issue keys.
  • Rent is payable strictly in advance and should be paid by Direct Debit.
  • Personal identification, including proof of address, is required before keys are released.
  • Garages are intended for storing a motor vehicle. Our garages are not guaranteed to be watertight, so general storage is discouraged.
  • We accept no liability for the theft of, or damage to, items stored in a garage.

We will apply an additional charge if you need replacement keys. This charge is currently £112.88.

If we need to clear the garage, we will charge this at actual cost plus VAT.


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