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Access to voting

A new law represents a positive change for voters with access needs or any type of disability. 

We have reviewed our polling stations and aim to provide a more accessible voting experience for all who choose to vote in person

We understand that going to the polling station can be a daunting experience for some, particularly if it is your first time voting or you haven't voted in person for a while. 

If you're not sure what to do, or need any help, just ask our staff at the polling station, they will be wearing lanyards to help you identify them. They will be happy to assist you to cast your vote.


We provide equipment designed to support you. If you already use your own accessibility aid such as a video magnifier or an app on your mobile phone you are able to use these whilst casting your vote. 

Each of our polling stations will have the following:

  • a chair, to provide a place for voters who cannot stand for a prolonged period 
  • a magnifier and a large print version of the ballot paper, to help voters who are visually impaired to read the ballot paper
  • a tactile voting device, designed to support voters who are visually impaired to make their mark
  • an adaptable polling booth, which ensures that voters who use a wheelchair are able to access a lower writing surface
  • large notices which will help guide you through the process and how to vote notices inside the polling booth
  • polling station staff lanyards,  to help identify who is a member of staff and can be approached for assistance
  • pencil grips, these can help voters with dexterity impairments to more easily hold and use a pencil
  • ramps, most of our polling stations have flat level access or staff will be on hand to support you

Easy read or large print guidance 

Resources are provided to us by the Electoral Commission, we will publish easy read or large print guidance for each election.

Our staff are able to read out the ballot paper for you but they are not able to provide any further information about the candidates or their campaigns. 

Charities such as Mencap also provide information to support voters. 

Voting with a companion

Anyone can bring a companion to their polling station to support them when casting their vote. 

This person must be over 18 and does not need to be registered to vote. 

You will never be asked why you need a companion, however to protect you and our staff, we will need to fill in an extra piece of paperwork for our records. This may take a short amount of extra time. 

Other support and guidance

My Vote My Voice offer guidance on voting in elections for people with learning disabilities and autistic people.

This includes an overview of how politics work, registering to vote, and the voting process. There is also information for carers and support workers.

Contact us 

If you would like to speak to us about access to voting please make contact using the following: 


Phone: 023 8028 5445

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