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Parliamentary boundary changes

The Boundary Commission for England has concluded a review of parliamentary boundaries and proposed new map of constituencies in England have been laid before parliament.

The aim of this review is to improve local representation, ensure the number of electors is more equal and will see the number of constituencies in the country increase from 533 to 543. 

Following feedback from the initial consultation earlier this year, revised proposals are now available to view and a final period of public consultation has begun.   

Final recommendations

Background to the review 

The number of electors within constituencies currently vary widely due to changes in population since the last review. 

The aim is that each MP will represent roughly the same number of electors, between 69,724 and 77,062 and the review also requires that the number of constituencies in England increases from 533 to 543.  

Any changes will not affect local council services, with the boundary changes relating only to parliamentary constituencies, which is the area an MP is elected to represent in Parliament.

For more information, visit the Boundary Commission website or see the Guide to the 2023 Review

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