Appeals on planning decision

Appeal a planning decision

When can I appeal?

If, we have not determined your application by either 8 weeks (or 13 weeks for a major development, such as 10 or more dwellings or a building of more than 1,000 square metres)) from the day immediately following the date when the application was received and: 

  • You have not been told that your application is invalid: or 
  • You have not been told your fee cheque has been dishonoured, or 
  • You have not agreed in writing to extend the period in which a decision may be given   

You can also appeal if you disagree with the decision reached.

What is the deadline?

There are time limits in which your appeal must be received by The Planning Inspectorate: 

  1. in the case of a householder or minor commercial application within 12 weeks of the 8/13 weeks stated above.  

  2. in all other cases within 6 months of the 8/13 weeks.

How do I appeal?

Wherever possible, you should make your appeal online:  

If you do not have access to the internet you should contact The Planning Inspectorate using the details below and they will send you the necessary forms: 

The Planning Inspectorate 

Room 3/13 

Temple Quay House 

2 The Square 

Temple Quay 


Tel: 0303 444 5000 

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