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Electric vehicle charging

Alfen fast charger for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles

We provide electric vehicle charging points (EVCP) for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. 

We have a total of 41* EVCP's spread over car parks as detailed below. You can also visit the council car parks page to see more about each car park.

  • Brockenhurst (Brookley Road car park): 2 'Alfen' (22Kwh)  EVCP's 
  • Fordingbridge (Roundhills car park): 3 'Alfen' (22Kwh)  EVCP's 
  • Hythe (Jones Lane and New Road car parks): 2 'Alfen' (22Kwh) EVCP's 
  • Lymington (Barfields and Bath Road car parks): 4 'Alfen' (22Kwh)  EVCP's 
  • Lyndhurst (Main car park): 4 'Alfen' (22Kwh)  EVCP's 
  • New Milton (Osborne Road car park): 2 'Alfen' (22Kwh)  EVCP's 
  • Ringwood (Furlong Long Stay car park): 4 'Alfen' (22Kwh) EVCP's 
  • Totton (Westfield Road car park): 2 'Alfen' (22Kwh)  EVCP's 
  • Beaulieu car park: 2 'Alfen' (22Kwh) EVCP's 
  • Hurst Road East car park, Milford on Sea: 2 Rapid EVCP  
  • Paddys Gap car park, Milford on Sea: 4 'Alfen' (22Kwh)  EVCP's 
  • Marine Drive West, Barton on Sea: 4 'Alfen' (22Kwh)  EVCP's 

At Ringwood, JoJu (MER) working with NFDC are aiming to set up an EVCP charging 'Hub' with 6 Rapid chargers (Kempower S series DC chargers which can provide power from 40Kw up to 320Kw) in the Furlong car park short stay with 2 fast 'Alfen' (22Kwh)  EVCP's.

In addition, we aim to install a similar rapid charging hub in St Thomas Street car park, Lymington. The project is underway with our contractors working with the District Network Operator (SSE/OVO) to finalise the plans.   

For live information on the location of all electric vehicle charging points in New Forest, visit the Zap-Map website.

* as of June 2022

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