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Electoral changes 2022

The changes detailed below were brought in for our May 2023 local elections.

You can read about the changes below or you can download our Electoral changes 2022 leaflet (PDF) [193KB] .

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Ward boundaries

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England has concluded an electoral review of our wards.

A ward is the area that you vote in. You can read their final electoral review of New Forest District Council report on the LGBCE website. 

What the changes to ward boundaries are

We now have 48 councillors, instead of 60 and there are 8 fewer wards. All of the district ward boundaries have changed.

Some internal town and parish ward boundaries have also changed to accommodate the district changes.

Why these changes to ward boundaries been made

Our communities have changed significantly since we last held a review around 20 years ago. We want to make sure everyone has equal access to their local councillor.

How the changes to ward boundaries will affect you

The changes will not have affected the external boundaries of the district, your postcode, taxes, house prices, or car / home insurance premiums.

The ward you vote in may have changed.

When did the changes to ward boundaries happen

We had to make these changes for our scheduled May 2023 elections. 

Changes to polling stations/poll cards

We have reviewed all of our polling stations because of the ward boundary changes.

This may have meant yours changed.

Your poll card will have your new polling station marked on it.

You must check this carefully as you can only vote at this polling station. 

It will look different. We have changed to paper poll cards which will arrive in an envelope addressed to you. 

The Elections Act 2022 

The government has passed a new law affecting the delivery of elections in England from May 2023.

Photo identification for voting

More information on voter ID can be found here. 

People with disabilities or access needs to be able to vote

The new law will represent a positive change for voters with access needs.

We have reviewed our polling stations to ensure we are providing the right support for voters with a disability.

Postal voting

You will still be able to vote by post. You will not need a photographic ID to vote by post. 

The only change will be that you will need to reapply every three years.

We will send you a reminder when you need to reapply.

Proxy voting (nominating someone else to vote for me)

You will still be able to nominate someone to cast your vote for you. They will need to bring their own photographic ID to the polling station to cast their own and/or your vote for you. 

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