Work for us - elections staff

We are looking for staff to help us run future elections.

We are committed to keeping our staff and voters safe on polling day, we will comply with all government guidelines in place at the time of the elections. 

To undertake any election duties, you must:

  • be at least 18 years old
  • be entitled to work in the UK and able to provide one of the following:
    • a valid passport
    • a full birth certificate issued in the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man or Ireland, plus an official document giving your permanent National Insurance number
    • a residence permit, registration certificate or document showing you are entitled to live in the UK permanently.

How to apply

If you are interested and available to work for us during this election you can apply using the form below or email with your full name, home address, and email and telephone contact details. 

You will be sent an email requesting to set up an MEA (Mobile Election Account) account, please follow all steps to create this account.

This will be how the election team then correspond with you.

Pay details

Fees for these roles are paid the same across Hampshire and are agreed by the Hampshire and Isle of Wight election fees working party.

The fees are:

  • Presiding Officer, £255.00
  • Poll Clerk, £160.00
  • Count Assistant, £14.00 per hour for a daytime count
  • £17.00 per hour for a night-time, weekend or bank holiday count.

Staff safety

Polling stations will be assessed to ensure that voters can cast their vote safely.  It is anticipated that each polling station will be staffed by a presiding officer, with one poll clerk and a support clerk who will be responsible for covid safety including allowing a limited number of voters into the polling station at any one time. 

Guidance and instructions will be available for voters including safe voting protocols. 

This guidance will be publicised ahead of the polls to support voters in understanding, and becoming familiar with, some of the necessary precautions including:

  • distancing
  • handling of papers
  • use of voters own pen/pencil
  • regular cleaning of polling booths and equipment
  • the wearing of masks for both voters and poll station staff.

Job descriptions

Job Description: Poll Clerk

Job Description: Count Assistant

Job Description: Presiding Officer

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