We are responsible for planning permission for new and existing properties that are within the New Forest district.

Prior to building a new property or making changes to an existing property, you must apply to us for planning permission. We also provide guidance for businesses and developers.

We have an interactive map available where you can view information relating to properties including Planning Constraints'.

Apply for planning permission when you are building or making changes to a property.
Find planning applications, follow their progress and submit comments.
Find out about what you need to know before you make a planning application.
Tell us if you think someone has broken or not followed planning laws.
The Local Development Framework is the basis for decisions on planning applications.
Guidance for trees on council land, make a high hedge complaint, and Tree Preservation Orders.
Request a local land charge search when buying or selling property or land.
Services, support and advice for all building projects.
Advice for owners and developers about conservation areas and listed buildings.
Contact the relevant planning officer for your area of the New Forest.
The Government held a 12-week consultation from 6 August until 29 October 2020 on Planning for the Future White Paper. The White Paper proposes reforms to the planning system.
New Forest District Council is inviting landowners and other interested parties to put forward proposals for projects within the district that will enhance local biodiversity and improve the condition of the River Avon and water quality in the Solent and Southampton Water.

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