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Garden waste bins

You will only get a garden waste bin if you sign up and pay for garden waste collections from April 2024. Sign up for garden waste collections from April 2024

Wheeled bins for other recycling and rubbish collections are currently due from 2025. 

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When we will deliver your bin

We have started to deliver bins to residents who have signed up and paid for the new garden waste collection service. Deliveries started from Monday 8 January 2024.

At the moment, we are able to deliver all garden waste bins before April. We will update any new customers joining the service if this changes.

We will deliver your bin before your collections start. Due to delivery schedules, your neighbours may receive their bin before you do. This does not mean we have missed your delivery. 

If you think we may have missed your delivery, please check to see if your neighbours have your bin. You can also email

Sorry, we are unable to provide delivery dates for individual customers. 

How we will deliver your bin

We are working with a distribution company who are delivering the garden waste bins for us. 

They will leave your bin(s) outside the front of your property and as far away from the road or pavement as possible. 

When you can use your bin for collections

Collections for the new garden waste wheeled bin service start from 1 April 2024. Please do not use your bin until after 1 April 2024, or your garden waste may not be collected.

If you are a customer for the garden waste bag collection service, please continue to use your bag(s) for collections until 31 March 2024. From 1 April 2024, we will only collect garden waste using bins.

We are starting to add bin lifts to our vehicles which will be collecting garden waste. You may see crews moving garden waste from bags to a bin, when using vehicles with bin lifts. Please do not use your bin for garden waste collections before April 2024.

When your bin collections will start

Collections for the new garden waste wheeled bin service start from 1 April 2024. 

You can find your first scheduled collection date: 

  • in your welcome email if you provided your email address, we send this shortly after you pay for collections
  • in a welcome letter if you did not provide your email address, you should receive this roughly 10 working days after paying for collections

We will be adding collection dates online before collections start from April. You will be able to view your collection dates by logging on to your online garden waste account, if you have one. Or you will be able to find your collection day on our website.  

How to store your bin before collections start

To keep your bin safe before collections start: 

  • add your property name or number to the front of your bin, we recommend using a permanent marker
  • store your bin in the most safe and secure area available, away from the pavement if you can

The dimensions for the 240 litre bins are: 

  • height, 107cm
  • width, 58cm 
  • depth, 74cm

Once collections start, your bin will need to be at the edge of your property by 6am, unless otherwise agreed with us. We will return bins to where we collect them from. 

Support putting bins out, assisted collections

If you are unable to put out your household waste to the edge of your property due to a disability, illness or injury, or another issue you can request an assisted collection

Damaged or faulty bins

Bins can become distorted whilst in storage and it may be difficult to close the bin lid.

Please leave your bin in natural daylight when you can, and the bin should go back to its original shape. 

If your bin is damaged or faulty, please email Please detail the damage and include any images to help us investigate and resolve the issue.

Extra bins 

Each household can have up to 5 garden waste bins. 

If you have already paid for garden waste collections, you can order more bins as long as you have no more than 5. 

If you have an online garden waste account, sign in to your account and pay for an extra bin(s). Or you can email

What to do if you have received a bin you have not paid for 

If you have not paid for the garden waste wheeled bin collection service, but have received a bin, please check with your neighbours. You may have received their bin.

Please check whether someone has paid for the service on your behalf. Otherwise, please email

Moving house

If you are moving house, we need 10 working days notice to transfer your address. We can then make sure we collect garden waste from your new address.

If you are waiting for your bin delivery, please let us know as soon as possible and email We will check to see if we are due to deliver your bin soon. If your bin delivery is due in less than 10 working days, you will need to move the bin to your new address.

If your bin has already been delivered, you will need to take the bin with you when you move house.

Terms and conditions 

When joining the new service and paying for garden waste collections, you will need to agree to the terms and conditions below.

Garden waste service terms and conditions from April 2024

If you have any questions about your bin delivery, please check the terms and conditions for more information, or email

Bins for other recycling and rubbish collections 

Future changes to recycling and rubbish collections were approved in summer 2022, as a part of our Waste Strategy 2022-2027.

The first part of this service change is our our new garden waste wheeled bin collection service, which starts from April 2024. This is a paid-for service that residents can opt in for. 

Changes to other recycling and rubbish collections are currently due from 2025. This will include collecting recycling one week, and rubbish the next, using wheeled bins. And we will start weekly food waste collections, using caddies. 

Find out about changes to recycling and rubbish collections from 2025.

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