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Current garden waste collections until March 2024

The current 2023/24 garden waste collection year runs up to 31 March 2024.

To prepare for changes to garden waste collections from April 2024, new customers can no longer join the 2023/24 collection year. Orders for extra garden waste bags can no longer be taken.

If you are a current customer and you would like to receive garden waste collections from April 2024, you will need to join the new service, even if you pay by Direct Debit. All existing Direct Debit instructions for garden waste collections will be cancelled before the new service starts. 

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When we collect 

We collect garden waste fortnightly.  

On your collection day, leave your garden waste bag(s) at the edge of your property in plain sight by 6.00am. 

Residents who are unable to put their bags out at the edge of their property due to a disability, illness or injury can contact us to request an assisted collection.  

Your garden waste will be taken to a site in Hampshire, where it will be composted by a process known as open windrow composting. The finished product, Pro-Grow, is a high-quality soil conditioner that is available to buy at every tip, also known as Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs). 

What we collect 

You can dispose of up to 20kg of garden waste in your garden waste bag. 

We will be unable to collect your garden waste bag if it weighs more than 20kg. Please do not overfill your bag, and in poor weather, cover it to prevent excess water increasing it's weight.  

We can collect:

  • grass cuttings
  • hedge cuttings
  • weeds and flowers
  • small branches up to 75mm diameter
  • leaves and twigs
  • prunings
  • Christmas trees (chopped up)

We cannot collect:

  • food waste/fruit and vegetable peelings
  • invasive weeds, such as Japanese Knotweed and Himalayan Balsam
  • soil/rubble/concrete/stones
  • animal waste and bedding
  • plastic bags/pots/trays
  • branches over 75mm diameter
  • logs or tree stumps

Missed collection

If you think we have missed collecting your waste, you can report it online. 

Missed collections must be reported before 5pm the next working day. Missed collections that are not reported in this time may not be collected.

Before reporting a missed collection, please check the following:

  • you have put out your waste on the correct collection day
  • your waste was put out on time, in the correct place and in plain view
  • your waste doesn't contain any incorrect items
  • if you have received an advice card explaining why it wasn't collected
  • if bad weather may have delayed your collection.

Direct Debit payments

If you currently pay by Direct Debit for your garden waste collections, your payments instructions will be cancelled by us before April 2024.  

If you would like to continue your collection from April 2024, you will need to join the new service.

We are currently unable to set up Direct Debit payments for the new service, sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Garden waste bags

The current 2023/24 garden waste collection year runs up to 31 March 2024. Until this date, we will continue to use bags to collect garden waste.  

From 1 April 2024, we will only use 240 litre wheeled bins to collect garden waste.  

We will not ask for bags to be given back to us once we switch to wheeled bins. If you are a current customer, you are welcome to keep your bags for personal use.  

To prepare for the new garden waste wheeled bin service, new customers can no longer join the current 2023/24 collection year. We are also no longer selling extra garden waste bags.  

Replacement garden waste bags 

If your garden waste bag is damaged and unusable, please contact us for a replacement by emailing

Terms and conditions  

You can view terms and conditions for the current garden waste collection service, which apply up to 31 March 2024.

Garden waste terms and conditions - New Forest District Council  

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