Job Description: Presiding Officer

Please make yourself aware of the following job description and requirements before you make contact with us and apply to work as a Presiding Officer.


Your role is to ensure the running of the polling station is smooth and that all eligible registered electors are able to cast their vote.

The hours of poll are from 7:00am until 10:00pm. You will be required to arrive at the polling station at 6:30am to setup and expected to pack equipment away after 10.00pm and fill out all necessary paperwork.

Before polling day

Accept and return your appointment letter and read and agree to the terms of the Requirement Secrecy.

Attend or complete any compulsory training session or briefing provided by Electoral Services and read the polling station staff manual provided.

Supply evidence of your eligibility to work in the UK (if not already done so previously).

Contact your Poll Clerks and ensure they are aware of what you expect from them.

Contact the key holder of your polling station and liaise with them.

Collect your ballot box(es) and all equipment.

On polling day 

Set up the polling station ready to open at 7:00am

Not leave the polling station whilst the poll is taking place.

Instruct Poll Clerks and supervise throughout the day.

Always maintain the secrecy of the ballot.

Act impartially at all times and work subject to the Secrecy requirements.

Be responsible for ballot boxes, ballot papers and all paperwork.

Ensure that all poll staff are following the proper procedure for voting that was set out in the training/briefing session and the polling station handbook.

Contact the Elections team throughout the day if any issues arise.

Ensure you are polite, respectful and remain impartial when talking to other staff members, electors, candidates and agents.

Not be employed by, or on behalf of any political party or candidate involved in this election, including in a voluntary/unpaid capacity, and you must not sign a candidate's nomination papers.

Fill out and return all official paperwork along with the ballot box to the Count Centre or Drop off point.

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