Job Description: Count Assistant

Please make yourself aware of the following job description and requirements before you make contact with us and apply to work as a Count Assistant.


Your role will be to verify ballot papers, ensuring that the numbers match what is on the ballot paper account, and then to count the votes for each candidate for the election.

Hours of the Count will change depending on the type of election, you will be required to be on duty at the times stated in your appointment letter. There are times the Count can take longer than anticipated, and this could be mean working until early hours of the morning. You are required to stay at the Count until finished.

Before polling day

Accept and return your appointment letter and read and agree to the terms of the Requirement Secrecy.

Supply evidence of your eligibility to work in the UK (if not already done so previously).

On polling day

Work within your team.

Follow all instruction from your Count Supervisor.

Act impartially at all times and work subject to the Secrecy requirements.

Verify and Count ballot papers quickly and accurately.

Work up until the count has finished.

Not be employed by, or on behalf of any political party or candidate involved in this election, including in a voluntary/unpaid capacity, and you must not sign a candidate's nomination papers.

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